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🏞️🛳️The charm of the beauty of Indonesia's westernmost island

Hello ..... All friends serey, hopefully today is the best day for us to enjoy such a perfect journey on an island…
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🏞️The enjoy a trip to the city of cold, takengon CENTRAL ACEH
Hello ... Friends, hopefully this day will be the best day for us to enjoy a trip to the sea lake right in takengon…
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⛰️The enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo
Hello ... All serey friends, hopefully tonight will be the best for us to enjoy the beauty of nature before dawn…
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The process of distributing sacrificial animal meat is the meaning of our sincerity in charity.
Good afternoon, all of Serey's friends! On this occasion I will share some photos of the committee at the Al-Ikhlas…
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Trumpet flower
Hello serey friend .... This time I again share a little inspiration about flowers for all of us and I hope this has…
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sudden meeting
__ Dear me it is .. In living life sometimes we must be wise in addressing. As a leader, whether in an office or…
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One day of beauty
Dear serey all I found this gorgeous unique flower on my walk one afternoon. I take the same route nearly every day…
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