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🐥 Bird Egret Life

HELLO EVERYONE Egret is one type of bird whose population in Indonesia is threatened and almost extinct.…
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🌾🌾 Even Though It's Wild But Still Charming
HELLO EVERYONE WILD FLOWER original image from @gibran original image from @gibran Many ways…
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Story of Electric Tokens..
I will tell you a little experience, about electric tokens. I used electricity that was abodement. #source We…
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[Ukraine] Obtaining biometric passport
All good! Everyone remembers the chaos that was going on in Ukraine when the visa-free regime was introduced with…
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🌏 Flora And Fauna In Indonesian Nature
Hello Everyone source Nature Indonesia is a country that is very rich in biodiversity, the level of…
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Don't Resign Although We Are In Poverty.
Good evening, warm greetings, good friend. There are some people who think it's better to have poor wealth as long as…
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End of story on the beach
Dear serey... Already a week ago we carried out activities to commemorate the birthday of our prophet who was…
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