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Orange juice to protect heart health

source Almost a quarter of the risk of severe stroke is reduced by drinking orange juice every day. The new findings…
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The 10 habits that will destroy your health
source Many of us have forgotten to eat breakfast in the daily life.Try to eat healthy meals and eat it five to six…
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Extra hot tea, the gastric cancer!
source Many started the day with a cup of tea. However, additional heating teas can increase the risk of gastric…
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The ancient anchor can be found in the deep sea, 'gold city'
source A fisherman from Britain went to the sea to catch fish. Suddenly he found an anchor. At another time, maybe…
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Why is the bone connection?
source There are often different types of sounds in people's bones. In technical terms, these words are called…
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Do not make important decisions for an empty stomach
Do not make any important decisions in an empty stomach. Because of making important decisions in an empty stomach…
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How is that person eating half a million chickens?
source Maybe he likes to eat chickens But it is possible to eat chicken meat every day. Most people will not answer…
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