Friendship // Дружба

Hi friends! Along the paths of forgotten roads, We walk with you my friend, And in the soul God illuminates us…
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Parting // Расставание
Hi friends!  What are you whispering to me, forest willow? So kindly look after me, You're in my thoughts…
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A poetry for the Indian freedom fighter. (With translation)
Source This poetry dedicates to our Indian freedom fighter who did free India from Britishers. We Indian always…
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--- > The possibilities do not indicate forgetfulness, more when you are present in all my…
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Let love in // Впусти любовь
Hi friends!   Open the lock in your heart, Light the hermit with a spark, You'll be the light in my window, You…
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Emptiness of time and space is what I see, tearful eyes that the feeling does not leave, mutant reaction the one…
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Find answers // Найти ответы
Hi friends!    Your tear fell into my heart, That heavy load, worse than a Mace! It's the end of my open door.…
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