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The arbiters of their lives // Вершители своей жизни

Hi friends!   Once everyone was the Arbiter, Reality was known from two sides. But they stopped being Saviors…
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Thoughts at the limit // Мысли на пределе
Hi friends!   Where the road will lead, If you always go aimlessly? In the dense forest, in the darkness of…
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Not dream your God // Не сон твой бог
Hi friends!   Our world is all a dream, Only you're a magician. If you took the train, So hold your horses! Let…
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Uniqueness // Уникальность
Hi friends!   Become yourself-because you are unique! You don't have to be a parodist. And in life you triumphant…
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Sunset // Закат
Hi friends!   How sweet the sunset and paint the sky, You're sitting on the beach. Your soul doesn't need bread…
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"I do not have the time to love" writing a short poem in the workplace. Hopefully, everyone will read the poem and…
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Love is chance // Любовь - шанс
Hi friends!   Someone you love - what a miracle!  Try to store carefully.  It's like emerald sparks,  And the…
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