📷 Photography: While We Were Still Sinners, Christ Died For Us

Hello everyone!!! The deep love Jesus demonstrated through His death on the cross frees us from the debt for our…
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Dorcadion arenarium or Longhorn Beetle
Hello my friends and random readers of my blog! Today I want to show you one bug, which I met on yesterday's…
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Spring on the swamp "Blue frogs"
Location : Vitebsk Made with: Xiaomi Redmi 4A @kostybrat
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Photography of wild natural beauty
These are some photography about the natural beauty of free, this photo I take it a place to be used as one of the…
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Tulip fireworks in Istanbul
Hi! I continue to show you the beauty of Istanbul in the extraordinary colors of tulips. Each flower is planted by…
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[Fhoto]: Kittens have grown up
Hi friends! Dear friends, be sure to remember your family and friends! Call your parents and grandparents more…
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Spring has come // Пришла весна
Hi friends!   Wake up soul! Spring is here! And birds flew in unison, And all nature came alive, Gone from the…
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