Hello guys...!!! After a while I does not make a post because there are many things I have to do, tonight I made a…
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in serey • yesterday
🌿Red lantana flower
Hello ... friend serey all, hope the best is always before us The comfort of this flower plant has the scientific…
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in serey • 2 days ago
🌺Charming hibiscus when enjoyed at night
Hello ... all serey friends, hopefully tonight will be the best night for us in carrying out positive and beneficial…
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in serey • 4 days ago
🌼Morphology of Allamanda Cathartica Flowers
Hello..Everyone Allamanda flowers are ornamental plants commonly referred to as flowers.Alamanda and also often…
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Photography of natural beauty
"This is a picture of natural beauty in one of Aceh's tourist attractions, I found this natural beauty when I traveled…
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in serey • 4 days ago
🗻Natural phenomenon on Mount Semeru
Hello.... Everyone This phenomenon is actually quite common among climbers or mountain lovers. Similar events have…
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Natural landscape photography
Hello dear, this is my daily photo and this photo was originally taken using my own cellphone camera, a photo of this…
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