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We live to die. Everyday, from the point of birth, our life's fuel starts burning out. Firat, it sparks bright and…
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Becoming an entrepreneur 101 - Ep1
source Diving into the business world is usually not an easy step as you would have to cross many hurdles which…
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I'm very tired
Feeling lazy is often a problem for many people, especially when someone is required to be deft in work. Everyone can…
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Health is Wealth
277 lbs. ➡️ 192 lbs. -It’s never the wrong time to choose to be healthy. Don’t put it off. Stop saying “tomorrow”…
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Ever heard the saying "we come from dust, to dust we return"? At that point, someone or something has come and gone…
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Believe in yourself
Don't be unsure about yourself . Always be positive and believe in yourself. you should be completely sure about…
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