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We are not guests in this world // Мы не гости в этом мире

Hi friends!   We are not guests in this world: I want to come, I want to go. We are always live, Don't see it to…
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Talisman aid // Талисман помощи
Hi friends!   I want to collect all the colors of the world, In one magic suitcase, And creatively implement the…
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Hi friends!   Let's think about what the word "We"means to us. What did the author of his work want to tell us with…
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Tragic love and heart beat quotes
Sad love and heartbroken quotes to lift your spirits Hi all welcome to my new article. As you know, this sadness…
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[Istanbul]: Sleeping Beauty
Hi friends!  The modern art always to me was very interesting. In this subject it is possible to see many…
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Take a break
"Sleep, because you long to need to rest, but not too deep because there is a longing that must be completed".…
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