Afternoon let breakfast

If you do not have good and delicious food in the food list, do not eat food and eat it. I cook basami delicious food…
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KFC pepsi photography
KFC I like to eat any food and pepsi, so when I have time, KFC goes to eat food and Pepsi
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This is my entry for photohallenge. Photo challenge: Wednesday ; plants & animals. I clicked this shot when i…
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My white rabbits photography
I like white stuff in animals. So, I get a white rabbit in my house. A few days ago my younger brother gave me three white rabbits..
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Moon photography
There are no stars in the open sky after a long time. A beautiful moon is shining in the middle of the black sky…
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Potato fries photography
Today I cooked potato fries in the afternoon. Cooking is delicious by cooking it in a different way. Aloo frie is very…
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Rice fry food photography
Today's dinner preserves fry rice. fry rice can be eaten with everything fry rice is very tasty and nutritious to eat.
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