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I know myself, but without you // Я знаю себя, но без тебя

Hi friends!  I know myself, but without you... And curiosity is insidious. Care about him and secretly enticing…
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Your Self
Self Identity is how an individual feels, sees and understands himself/herself. It's how someone perceives their…
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Hello Sereyians! It's a pleasure being part of a platform that is small enough to know me, but big enough to…
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Awake Shows Love
Photo Credit Awake Purified Mineral Water a subsidiary of Kasapreko Company Limited, one of Ghana's leading…
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My Valentine Night
To minimise the probability of Christians celebrating Valentine in a not so befitting manner, lot's of churches…
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Animals - 03:53 AM - Friday - 2019-02-15 - Bingozee said he was trying to get me banned. I believe in freedom. I…
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How friendship is different from love ?
It is not necessary that the two blooming flowers have the same fate, one can be broken and the other can be stitched…
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