Manchester City lost points against Tottenham

Source Manchester city have stumbled in the second match of the english premier league. Defending champions have…
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Chelse failed to win the second match of the Premier League
Source Chelsea have not yet to win in the English Premier League in two matches. After a big shame against…
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Arsenal at the top of the points table with two wins
Source Arsenal have also won their second match since the start of the season. Arsenal have taken the top spot in…
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A football tournament in my locality. ##2.
Yesterday i made a post that a football tournament happened in my locality two days. The total team was 16 days. One…
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La Liga at the beginning Barcelona defeat
Source The match begins with two bad news for barcelona. The first is that messi is not fit to play in this match…
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Super Cup Final: Lampard And Lessons Learned!
Hello! Soccer fans, Yesterday was an interesting match between the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League…
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Real Madrid lost to tiebreaker
Source In preparation for the end of the season real madrid face as roma on sunday night. the fight was rash. Real…
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