Nina Tarasova about the gastronomic forum in Barcelona about how foreigners perceive Russian cuisine.

1. let's not Start with a gastronomic festival. You are one of the most famous confectioners in Russia. How did you…
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Lime and chipotle black bean tacos
Ingredients For the beans 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped olive oil, for frying 1 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp…
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Morning breakfast! I call it Kennyroy's SECO's... (^_^)
Good day to all! Today is Thursday! I would like to join again to the @ksolymosi contest at The 15 to…
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My Homemade "Macaroni Spaghetti" with limited ingredients!
When you have nothing to eat except the pasta and limited ingredients available in your cabinet; this is what you are…
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Cocoa caviar.
Ingredients: For the sphere: Water-400 gr. Syrup — 100 gr. Cocoa powder-40 gr. Sodium alginate 1.5 gr.…
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Milk and coffee espuma
A simple recipe that can be used with almost any dessert. All you need is a siphon for cream with NO2 cans, lecithin…
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Autumn Cream Soup
I love cooking, but only if it is for someone else. If I have to cook only for me, I rarely have the patience and the…
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