Essay on Dale Carnegie's book

Hi friends!  Dale Carnegie is a cult figure from the American continent. Many things are connected with his name:…
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Friendship of Anton Chekhov and Leo Tolstoy
Hi friends! Sometimes there are very interesting meetings of people who sweep through life. My favorite writers are…
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Dalai Lama XIV
Hi friends!  If you look back and see the world, you can see how many beautiful and amazing people live in it. These…
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មនុស្សក្លាហានទៅរួច អាស្រ័យការចូលរួមសកម្ម ក្នុងការងារនានា មិនថាក្នុងគ្រួសារ ឬសង្គម ។ ភាពក្លាហាននរណាៗ ក៏ចង់ធ្វើដែរ…
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Benefit of Reading (Manfaat Membaca)
People who like to read should have a lot of knowledge that he gets. reading also adds your insight to be good…
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«បរិស្ថានស្អាត ផ្តើមចេញពីយើង និងអ្នកធ្វើបាន ខ្ញុំក៏ធ្វើបាន»
ពិតមែនជាថ្ងៃឈប់សំរាក ថ្ងៃនេះខ្ញុំបានឆ្លៀតឱកាសចូលរួមជាមួយក
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The way the Netherlands responded to the history of the war of independence Indonesia
Indonesia proclaimed its independence at 17 August 1945 after coming within the powers of the Netherlands East Indies…
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