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Hello Sereyans! Welcome to Vcommunion Are you looking for a platform where you want to reach your creative…
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📷 Photography: Trials And Test Can Draw Us Closer To Christ
Hello Everyone!!!😊 There is nothing joyful about trials, but we can take hope from the fact that God will use…
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My Actifit Report
Today has been a sad day. Went to church today to hear the death of the youth president in my church, Mr Wisdom Baka.…
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DWD is here - Game On
Just heard about Drug Wars Dollars aka DWD yesterday and I asked around, I was assured I will receive mine soon. I…
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Getting Some Fufu In The Morning
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Partiko Now Okay
Was having some issues with my partiko app this morning. As usual, when I woke up in the morning, I took my phone to…
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