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Ball in the Creek

It was yet another warmer-than-normal day in Charlotte (NC, USA) – Friday, September 30, 2016 – that found me, Agent…
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Naturally Aja The Price Drops, Here Are The 3 Biggest Sources Of Problems For The Crypto Industry
In this declining market, everyone asks the same question. Why does the price of Bitcoin drop? When will the market…
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Bitcoin Prices Rise 12% in the Last 72 Hours, But Traders Must Stay Alert!
Bitcoin Price Increases - Since December 8, the price of Bitcoin has increased from $ 3,210 to $ 3,588, and has…
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Glen Park Girl
It was a sunny Monday afternoon in June of 1992 at the Glen Park BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station. The time was…
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Abstrusion (poetry collection) Part 1
YOUR ABSENCE Never gives way to relief. When you’re gone It’sa pause between centuries. Everything ceases to…
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Already Answered, Here Is The Fastest Way to Generate Bitcoin!
The fastest way to generate Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become one of the most prominent currencies in the crypto world. It's…
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Undangan Eksklusif Ceramah Ustadz Abdul Somad
Hari ini saya mendapatkan sebuah kehormatan untuk menghadiri ceramah ustad Abdul Somad di Pondok Gede Jakarta timur.…
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