Сам себе фотограф

Хотите похвастаться отдыхом на природе, у моря или в горах? А может кому-то просто нужны оригинальные фотографии для…
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in art • 3 days ago
Fantastic drawing on beautiful rose tree with roses
There are so many aromatic flowers in the world. The Rose is the very familiar in it. Everyman is attracted to rose…
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in art • 6 days ago
[ART]: Secrets of sleep in pictures
Hi friends!  "The interpretation of dreams" - the first serious work of Sigmund Freud, the Austrian father of…
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Flower Photography
I am into photography. I mean really into it. I changed my photography style to where I do close-ups of flowers rather…
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in art • 5 days ago
Fantastic sketch on beautiful rural face
Rural views are always excellent. In a word it looks very beautiful. I always love Rural views. It is peaceful view .…
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in art • 3 days ago
My small post : An excellent drawing
Simple drawing ... Regards @simaroy
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Golden Hour Photography Travel Addition
I enjoy the golden hour because it looks like a nice time for photos. I also went away on a sudden trip and I took a…
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