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I know myself, but without you // Я знаю себя, но без тебя

Hi friends!  I know myself, but without you... And curiosity is insidious. Care about him and secretly enticing…
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The kettle is made of wire as a decor for the wall of the house
Location : Vitebsk Made with: Xiaomi Redmi 4A @kostybratt
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Drawing "Debbie Harry" Singer of "Blondie" in blue and black pen.
Hello friends of "SEREY" it is a pleasure to be sharing this audiovisual art, made in the technique of the blue and…
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[Odessa]: "Buddhist East" in the Museum of Odessa
Hi friends! Odessa municipal Museum of personal collections. A. V. bleshunov are very beautiful exhibits. Today I…
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[Fhoto]: A small observation
Hi friends! Let's see Odessa! Small observations of the cozy city always bring a lot of pleasure;) It's inside a…
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Singing 'Tentang Rindu' with the singer
Hello everyone on this occasion I sang one of the songs from a famous Indonesian singer, he became famous after…
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The art from the Seljuks to the Ottomans (continuation)
I really like the name of an astronomical instrument - the astrolabe. It was invented by the ancient Greeks. The…
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