Fragile and elegant art

Hi friends!   We continue to get acquainted with the art objects of the most famous sculptor of our time Tony Cragg.…
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in art • 2 days ago
[Istanbul]: Modern art paintings
Hi friends!     I want to introduce you to the paintings that are now presented in the Museum of modern art in…
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in art • yesterday
Winter has come // Зима пришла
Hi friends!   Lonely autumn said goodbye mentally, And the last leaf hit the window, You so proudly is gone, as…
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in art • 2 days ago
We are not guests in this world // Мы не гости в этом мире
Hi friends!   We are not guests in this world: I want to come, I want to go. We are always live, Don't see it to…
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in art • yesterday
Thousands of ideas // Тысячи идей
Hi friends!   Is worth for gateway New year, Is worth and quietly smiles... Just a few weeks., And time seems to…
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in art • 4 days ago
Art exhibition in Istanbul or Yeditepe Bienali program
Hi friends! Istanbul hosts the first global meeting of artists from different cities and villages of Turkey. Thirty…
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in art • 4 days ago
Art from napkins
Hi friends!  Beauty will precisely save the world! Surprising objects can be done of napkins. And it will be very…
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