Small grasshoppers, small red rounded shapes make grasshoppers more graceful.

Hello everyone This afternoon I took pictures again, I feel like seeing small animals of any kind and not including…
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The color of black and yellow bees, this is very interesting and positive for today
Hello everyone Still with the same theme, which is about the results of my shooting today and I really like doing…
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grasshoppers are small and have two fine hairs on the head.
Hello everyone Today I again took pictures, I visited a small forest again and about 100 meters from my house. the…
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Chip :)
When we walked around the city, many wanted to take a picture with this handsome man :)
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Be sure to click on the image to view full screen! Location : Vitebsk Made with: HUAWEI Mate 20 @kostybratt
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Cats Bask in the Morning Sun.
Peace be with all friends, hopefully in good health.. This cat is warming up by sunbathing. It is illuminated…
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One short video and some photos of beautiful winged insects
Hello everyone As always, when I have free time I always take the time to walk while visiting the small forest…
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