Promenade Salacak, Maiden tower and Bosphorus or flows as life in Uskudar. Istanbul

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Hi friends!

We continue to walk through the beautiful and magnificent Istanbul. Today we move to the Asian part of the city in the area of Uskudar.

It is located on the banks of the Bosphorus. In this area we are most often. The Bosphorus pulls like a magnet to these regions and not only us, but all the Istanbul. Our walk will be connected with the life of ordinary people and will not be particularly focused on the main attractions.

The promenade at Uskudar is called Salacak. There are cafes and restaurants along the entire length. Here is a Parking lot of boats that you throw in the Maiden tower. One of the most favorite activities of Istanbul-is to sit on the waterfront and contemplate the beauty of the Bosphorus and the Maiden tower.

At present, the entire Uskudar district is being globally restructured, especially the Central part. Recently, several new schools, an administrative building, new stadiums and medical centers have appeared. All the mosques were restored and the cultural center of the Sufis was restored.

Dismantle all the old houses in the center of Uskudar. But no inconvenience for people and tourists. New architectural project for the regeneration of the Central part of Uskudar and waterfront Salacak. All do parts and very quickly.

Last time we were in the Asian region of Kadikoy, where there are very few mosques. Uskudar is rich in architectural structures in the form of old mosques (91 mosques). "The Golden city" (Chrysopolis) - the so-called Uskudar Greek founders in 7-8 century BC, this area has retained the features of the old Ottoman baths. Even now, 12 baths are open to visitors.

The photo shows the Central part of the district and the mosque of Mihrimah-Sultan. Next to the mosque is an old library, which also bears the name of Mihrimah. Of course, Uskudar is rich not only in old mosques. Palaces and old houses. Some houses in front of the Bosphorus are built of wood. They are in a deplorable state, but historical buildings can not be demolished. Now they are closed for restoration. Soon these buildings will take the same look they had many years ago.

Right on the shore of the Bosphorus there is a mosque with a beautiful courtyard and a library. Anyone can visit the library. The inside is very beautifully decorated in the old style. Here are stored rare old books that are in direct access for viewing. Of course, almost all books are in Turkish. But you can see historical books with big old photos of Istanbul.

Right at the mosque the most favorite place for fishermen. Both day and night men are engaged in such active rest. For some, this is everyday earnings. Fish immediately sit in the nearest café. It is worth noting that the first modern bridge (1973) is located in Uskudar, which connected the Asian and European part of Istanbul. All the bridges in the night, acquire a fabulous look, lit by different lights.

In the center of Uskudar there is a fish market, around it cafes and shops with other goods. The photos were taken on Sunday evening, the fish market was already closed. But earlier I told about it.

Many residents Uskudar worked as a salesman. Especially there are many mobile shops. It is very convenient, where I wanted, and went there. Sellers go through the streets of Uskudar and offer their goods.

Uskudar is a district of Istanbul, in which working women are rarely seen. If there is, then not Turkish. Here, the traditions of Muslims are carefully observed. Women are engaged in the house and children. Men traditionally visit after work cafes and drink coffee. If you walk through the streets of Uskudar, you will see that in the old cafes sit only men. It's very conspicuous. Now I'm not talking about the popular tourist places and modern cafes.

Near the Istanbul ports there are always many fast food outlets. Absolutely calm everything can be used. The quality and speed of service are at a height. Istanbul residents are very frequent guests of such buffets. Prices are quite affordable. Now all the streets are decorated with colorful flags. This is due to the holiday of Ramadan and the election campaign. There's always a crowd. Buffets are used to carry out their orders very quickly. But on the holiday, Turkish people do not eat or drink anything until sunset, so the buffets are idle until the evening. The sellers themselves from hunger and without water unconscious. Us even made to order was to do as something awkward.

An hour before sunset, the residents of Uskudar gather at the canteens, cafes and restaurants. All establishments are carefully prepared for this time. It's called "H"time. Everyone flies on the food with great speed and do not see anything around them. Many families even force children to fast in this way. During the day, people without food and water become very angry and angry. But in the evening, when everyone ate, quiet and smooth everywhere. Forces any violent talk or controversy remains. I have been watching this for several years. In normal times, the Turks are very noisy by nature people.

This kind of bread is a symbol of the holiday of Ramadan. Just bake it in the oven. Every dark time of day eat about 15 million of these cakes in Istanbul. I'm happy for a day eat half this bread.

But the Istanbul people are making a real stir about this bread. The queues in Istanbul of such length can be seen only in Ramadan. All bakeries have people for some reason stand for hours. It is possible that before sunset want to kill time, I do not know.

Istanbul has grown over the year in terms of social programs. The fact that the entire month of Ramadan arrange free meals for everyone. All this happens in mosques and squares. In past years it was more modest. Drove up a truck with huge pots (I have never even seen) and directly from the body distributed food. This year have arranged a large walk-in refrigerators. The people who were handing out food, all in uniforms and gloves. In the photo you can see this trailer with the inscription Uskudar. Prepared thoroughly and not without reason.

People for social food are two or three hours in line before sunset. We barely made it to the Bosphorus. In the photo you see a small part of the queue. I can't even tell you how many people come here every day. Next to the distribution of food hanging screen for residents broadcasts the President of Turkey. Well thought up, especially elections on a nose.

Took a picture of the queue from the waterfront. The food distribution point is located near the mosque of Mihrimah-Sultan and a little further near the monument to Ataturk.

Evening view of the Bosphorus promenade. It's deserted now, people get social food. Other houses are waiting to start the meal.

Through the 300 meters, there is another point food distribution. A piece of the queue in front of your eyes. Even special covered places with tables and chairs are built. But I think it's hard to get there. People get food and go to the Bosphorus.

This is what the temporary dining room looks like inside. We were coming back late, we already cleaned up. Of food everyone gets soup and rice, drink a little sweetness and bread.

The first owners of social food run to the Bosphorus and sit directly on the sidewalk. This is the rate of eating I see only this month. The next meal at the Turks takes place in two or three nights. Then again they till sunset without eating or drinking. These are interesting traditions.

We must pay tribute to the garbage service of Istanbul. Social people after eating a very "social" to throw all over the place. It looks quite ugly, did not even take pictures.

Waterfront Salacak a huge number of restaurants. You can have a great time and go to a disco. Opposite the Uskudar is a district of Besiktas, where he built the biggest stadium in Istanbul. There are amazing views of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. Everyone knows that there are a lot of nationalities in Istanbul. But it is in Uskudar that many Turkish people live. The area is very different from other areas of Istanbul. If you have time, you should definitely come here and walk through the alleys of the area, and not just look at the Bosphorus.

Some old-timers (Turkish men) love to spend time near the mosque of Mihrimah-Sultan. You can see this alley in the photo. I almost never see Turkish women here. A kind of men's alley. Such in Uskudar many and they are located in the old buildings.

At pictures another old cafes that tourists bypassed. And for good reason. It's one of the old cafes in front of the Maiden tower. A small wooden house, which is very old. There's great tea and coffee. Turkish people love to come here. A cafe called Salacak as the waterfront. On the summer terrace and in a small courtyard there are cozy places to relax. Turkish coffee here is excellent.

Photo taken on the iPhone 6S+

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