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On Uspenskaya street, 4A in a very green place is the oldest convent of South Palmyra. St. Archangel Michael's convent is not only the spiritual development of our population. It brought together the best masters of icon painting, woodworking, artists and just all those who are not indifferent to the spiritual values of mankind

The history of the monastery begins in 1828. Count Mikhail Vorontsov made every effort to make a Holy place appeared in Odessa. But only in 1840 was formed St. Archangel Michael convent

Who wants to be alone with yourself and all the thoughts spread out on the shelves - come to this beautiful place. The monastery is located in the city center, near Shevchenko Park, but on the territory of blissful silence and singing birds. I always breathe easy here...

Nun Trifena says it's a Miracle that the city centre was allocated land to build the first convent. In 1840, the young Odessa was just beginning to build up the territory. The city was 45 years old. On the seafront was Hadzhibeevsky fortress and around the steppe

Since 1828 there was a Mikhailo-Arkhangelskaya Church built by architect G. I. torichelli . Two years (1839-1840) in a row the ruling Bishop prayed in the altar and a revelation came to him that a female monastery should appear in Odessa. The king and all the ruling spiritual authorities gave their consent to the construction of the convent almost on the seashore. It was really a miracle! Usually monasteries were formed on the outskirts of the city or outside the city...

The orphanage was opened at the monastery, later it was renamed the women's school. On the territory there is a building for rooms for students of the institution. Earlier in the monastery novices were not allowed to leave the convent. The curriculum was rich and varied. Pupils after school received the title of home teacher.

Now on the territory of the convent assembled a huge Museum, the only one in Ukraine, "Christian Odessa". More than a thousand books, a lot of old photos. There are rare icons and family archives of the clergy. The Museum presents in miniature many churches and churches of Odessa. Every week the Museum hosts meetings and exhibitions of creative directions

The monastery is completely on its own. Many patrons of the city are also not indifferent

Construction of a new building for the charity outpatient clinic on the territory of St. Archangel Michael's convent

Nuns work like bees. The whole area is beautiful and tastefully shines with greenery

Master of the convent under the order carry out work of wood carving. All gazebos and chapels are decorated with openwork carvings of their own artisans. The monastery has a workshop where old icons are restored. In the Orthodox pharmacy you can buy medicines from natural ingredients. Here you can also undergo a medical examination

The new structure of the dining room in the garden, made by the masters of the convent

Courtyard of the main temple

Courtyard of the main temple

Now look into the interior of the main temple

At the entrance you can learn the history of the convent and its servants

Beautiful carved door - the entrance to the temple

The interior of the temple

The interior of the temple is made in bright colors with themed paintings throughout the room

Hall of the temple is small, but it is cozy and gracious atmosphere

Income convent receives from the Church shop, which has a lot of manual work. A great help is the cooking of local nuns. In the local shop you can enjoy delicious pastries

More than 100 elderly grandmothers are now in the monastery completely under the care and medical care

Local nuns are weaving a huge tapestry with images of saints. This tapestry can also be ordered individually

In the convent they bake cakes for the homeless and help orphans

The building where the nuns live, there is also a Church shop

In the photo you can see the departments provided by the Odessa theological Seminary. Gold embroidery Department is considered the best in Ukraine

All visitors can dine in the tea room. Pleasant environment and very tasty food

In Odessa, be sure to visit the convent. Walk through the territory and see how the life of God's servants goes. Look at each area - there just reigns creativity and beauty!

Thank you for your attention and welcome to Odessa!

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