Mystery of Ghost Flowers at Sinabung Legs

2 months ago


That night in a scary ghost cave. The events of 1999 were still recorded in the mind of the Andri. It was so tense when he left behind from a group of climbers in Mount Sinabung Medan. Andri said that he was busy capturing a beautiful flower at the foot of the mountain. So he forgot about his friends.

In his mind, only those beautiful flowers would be picked to take home. He intends to give the beautiful flower to his beloved lover. But when he pulled out the roots of the flower just remembered his friends.

At that time the sun will set. He tried to find his friends. But nil, it's getting darker. Finally, he found a small cave. Then he tried to make the fire not dark when he entered the cave.

Inside the cave was very scary. A wall like water running in it. Andri tried to touch the wall, but at that time he chose to go deeper. In that creepy atmosphere, he just remembered that in his bag there was a flashlight that was far brighter, than the fire that was brought now.


Finally, he looked for the end of the cave to take shelter that night. Hopefully, there are no wild animals in it. Unfortunately the tip I never met, and the cave was so vast and far away. After turning on the flashlight, he began to make a big fire. Because the atmosphere is also cold.

More fun making fire, he felt like there was a creature passing in front of him. But there is no plasticity. He continued to flash into the entire cave. But nothing but a strange cave wall. Finally, he took the camping equipment for a short break.

Hours show at 12:00 WIB. That was when strange sounds and creepy sounds began. He began to fear the voice. He returned he lit a flashlight throughout the cave room. There is nothing strange, there is only a scary sound.

At 2 WIB he was still in the cave. Survive in that strange voice. A few moments later he was slapped hard. Finally found by residents to the next day on the slopes of the mountain.

Apparently last night he was not in the cave. But only hallucinations. After that he saw the flower he had picked in his bag, apparently, it wasn't. Local residents say if it's not interesting. But the incarnation of Ratu Bunga Wangi from Siliwangi. When he got home he looked back at the place of interest he had pulled out earlier.


It turned out that the flower returned to its original place. But only he can see. Until he reached the paddy field he met a woman and gave flowers similar to the flowers he had pulled out earlier.

The woman advised that the flower should be planted again in the place she had pulled out earlier. Andri returned to the place earlier, and there were no flowers. But the flower is in his hand now. Then he planted it again.

After being planted suddenly behind his friends appeared. They ask each other where we are. Finally, they decided to go home.

That was Andri's experience when he first climbed Mount Sinabung. The message is for climbers to take good care of our nature when traveling. Because not necessarily what we see is beautiful, but there are owners. That's all. []

Interview edition with a Traveling from NTB-Indonesia. Photo only Illustration, nothing to do with this story.

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