[LINK] Torrent search engine for your comfort [SHORT]

11 months ago

Torrents! For some of us, they are the True Knowledge Source. For others, entertainment. I've wanted to share a link with the Serey community. One of the most useful link in sense of searching, downloading, managing and consuming information.



T-Parser is torrent search engine. Not is that it's the largest or the best, no. But the thing is that engine is powerful enough and not 100% censored - that means it really can be useful.

Sadly, the author of this resource never published his source code, either it could be a good engine to incorporate on different websites.

Someday we will have great uncensored sources of magnet links and IPFS, I hope. But yet we have to stick to torrent trackers...


What do you think about torrents? Do you use it in your daily life? Shell I start a new rubric named "torrent of the week"? Did you know that torrents are one of not-so-many options to check real maximum speed of your internet? Did you ever found other search engines (that still work)? Do you feel most of the torrents are pirated content or not? Tell about your opinion in comments!

Den Ivanov aka sxiii from Random City

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Haven’t been using torrents for several years now as I have started watching movies via Popcorn Time. 😅 And downloading books from www.b-ok.xyz