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Hello friends,

Today there is a match between Bengaluru and Goa in Indian Superleague. The match scheduled is to be held on today, 21st February 2019 at 07:30 p.m (IST). This time the Bengaluru FC is the second whereas the FC Goa has taken the top position. However, both the teams had equal points is 31 in point table. The brief details of both teams are mention in the further blog.


Bengaluru FC

This time Bengaluru FC with 31 points is on the 2nd position of the league table. In the last 6 matches, Bengaluru has scored 08 goals and they had won 02 times upon all the six matches that were played. Apart from it, they had 01 matches who went to draw and 03 matches they lost till now. The average goals that were recorded are 1.33 per game. As an overall perceptive, in 24 matches they scored 41 goals, won 14 times, drawn 04 times and lost 06 times. They scored an average of 1.71 goals per match.

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The best fixture of Indian Super League has arrived as Bengaluru can play against Goa at Sree Kanteerava stadium on a weekday between the table toppers. Interestingly, Bengaluru had registered only 1 win since Gregorian calendar month, it's up to now the simplest team of the league. For now, there is a call in the given points system and then the team that stood with major points distinction from the remainder currently stands with shoulders level on ordinal position with thirty-one points. So it’s a point to be noted in today’s game. However, looks like Bengaluru would possibly devour the pace with the arrival of Miku in the game in today’s match after his injury. Also, the most valuable player seems to be taken back for Sunil Chettri who would possibly build a comeback when given rest throughout the Delhi faceoff. With each the star players creating their thanks to the turf, there is disappointing news for Bengaluru for Prince Consort Serran who can miss this fixture following a slam of 4 yellow cards of the season. Another player for Bengaluru Nursing Erik Paartalu will miss the remaining matches who had gone through heavy injuries. Bengaluru remains balanced and stable and probabilities of propulsion up a hamstring of few goals could be a risk.

FC Goa

Now let’s have a look at the opponent team in this match, Fc Goa. This time FC Goa with 31 points, is on the top of league table. In the last 6 matches, Fc Goa has scored 13 goals, won 04 times and drawn twice. They scored an average of 2.17 goals per game. Overall in 16 matches, they scored 35 goals, won 09 times, drawn 04 times and lost 03 times. They scored an average of 2.19 goals per match.

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This data shows a good sign for their team formation and overall performance seems to be good. It resembles a better indication for a team but matters how a team can perform it in continuity to till the time of league. Apart from it, this is a matter of luck and performance of the team in their upcoming match. Talking at another part of the tournament they also had improved a lot in their overall performance and with this improvement, their data had surged to 31 points after playing 16 matches. While Goa is at an edge wherever they will spit hearth and injury any opponent with their crisp defence and sharp attacks, they own 31 points from 16 games. Goa has improved with each passing as they managed to line a replacement league record of five consecutive clean sheets. For now, it seems they Bengaluru will have to work hard against Goa as they will come with their full winning squad. There isn’t abundant to explore regarding the team’s defects as they create sturdy and can be an even bigger threat to Bengaluru as they'll march with their full winning squad. Ferran Corominasand Edu Bedia may run riot during this game. The Spanish players have evidenced deadly against each facet they need to come back up against. They are a relentless threat to the opposing defences in the game. So with their defence, this game might go to an interesting part. Coro minas have fourteen goals whereas Bedia has seven this season.


Currently, here I am going with team FC Goa. There are reasons why I am going with Goa, as a result, they will book today's match with their best winning team and that I powerfully except they will win today's match. As I said earlier that they are coming with the full winning squad and I think this might be one of the plus points for the team. So this can be for the most part thanks to the rationale that Goa has recently four wins and a couple of draw reception so with relevancy there will be a great performance by the team Goa. I expect them to win today's match. So I will go with the team Goa and place a bet on it. I might be wrong with this prediction but I am going to take a risk and place a bet. I am placing the bet on Goa as my experience and knowledge say Goa will definitely win today’s match. It’s just a few hours left let’s see what happen.

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Score Prediction:-

Bengaluru FC 1-3 FC Goa

Winner FC Goa @2.901 and total 2.5 over @1.919

Stake (SCR): 10+10 = 20

I will be happy to know about your team in my comment section. Please support me to keep having more of my good works and you can follow me, so that see my future posts and you're always welcome to my blog.

Quote of the day- "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence".

Author- Helen Keller

With Regards @muchukunda

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