According to new rule, now 12th player can also play Test cricket

last month


In case of an injury to the head of the ICC Test Cricket, the player is considering the rule of sanctioning the player in place of the player. This rule was discussed in the ICC annual meeting. Under the circumstances, the 12th player will be able to land on the ground if the injured player does not play.

According to sources, the ICC can apply this new rule to the Ashes Test Series starting on August 1. This series will be played between England and Australia. The world body wants to apply this rule very soon so that this rule can be used in all the matches played under the World Test Championship and the players can get the better.
The matter of bringing this rule was going on since the death of astrologer Philip Hughes on the head of the ball. Hughes was hit on the head with a bouncer in the List-A match in 2014, after which he died after a few days. After this incident, Cricket Australia applied it to men and women tournaments in-home circuit.

After the Cricket Australia, in the recent round, many voices had arisen to bring this rule. CA rule was made that the player could leave the field at the behest of the doctor, or if the player is in a state of shock, he can go out of the ground.

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