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2 months ago


My life was very simple. By my smartphone, I often used to download and watch movies. After joining this platform my life came in another. Now morning to night I will have to lots of work. Late night I do work and morning time I do realize oh no! Lots of work is rest and I gotta do now.

However, I am so happy to join because of the meeting, learning and time spending in online I like it. I met lots of good people here and my writing and reading skill is also day by day improving. As a student, this is my best place for time spending.

Today I wanna say what is noticed. Some people come in blogs and they don't read anything only one eye they look up and down and start to comment. You can think about how will be their comments. Some of the example of their comments:-

  1. Very good post.
  2. Nice post./ Good job.
  3. Greeting
  4. I liked your post.

I am not saying to stop to say nice or greet but include some post related word. You know how much time the author spends on writing, decorating and anyone leave the bullshit comment. After seeing the comment on how disaster they feel anyone can't recognize. According to my view if you dint understand about the post then don't do comment. There is no necessity for comments but stop doing unrelated comments.

When I don't understand about the post often I get out from the post and whatever I could understand then leave a post related comment. Some people also come in my blog and their comments i don't like. I can't show up thiers user name. I don't like to say to stop comment because I feel perhaps if I say him to stop comments probably they could feel bad and that is I don't like. I don't want to hurt anyone.

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Very good post