How To Protect Different Accounts Of Social Media

6 months ago

Due to the huge development of information and communication technologies, different types of changes have been noticed at different levels of society. I have been dependent on technology for no reason. We have opened accounts of social media for our own needs. However, I suspect the hacking is very difficult. Many people think of how we can protect the accounts of social media. So that nobody else can access or hack into their account without permission.

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This idea is applicable not only for social media, but for e-mails or other online accounts. It is important to know some simple techniques to keep these accounts safe. Because, we've been hearing a little bit about `hacking '.

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We use the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, etc. on computers or mobile phones, each of which is familiar with the word password. The password is required to open the account. And while giving this password almost everyone makes a mistake. That is, we put ourselves as a password for our own name, birth-year and so on. And that's what happens tomorrow. If you do not use strong passwords in these cases, there is the risk of cybercrime being victimized at any time.

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All of us should use strong passwords and take some precautions.
Some rules to strengthen the password

► Passwords use at least eight characters or more characters.
► Generating passwords with small letters, numbers, symbols
► Use special symbols for passwords, such as: # @ + -% etc.
► Change the password once a month, if possible.
► Keep two-factor authentication.
Which should not be used for password usage
► It is better not to use your name, date of birth or 123456
► Do not use your phone number in the password.
► Keep in mind that your username and password are never the same.
► Using different passwords for different accounts.
► Do not use the 'Remember password' option of web browser.
► Do not share your password online or in any other way.

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