Top Mobile Crypto Networks based on Blockchain.

3 months ago


If you don't have a PC or laptop but you want to share your knowledge and want to be part of blockchain technology so this is for you. below given site some are free and some are not so trying according to your interest and fun.

Friendz offers a variety of digital advertising services, among which brand awareness and product placement campaigns, sharing content activities and market researches. Friendz community can take part in the activities available on the platform, supporting brands in the process of content creation and validation and is rewarded for these activities.


APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that introduces a new ecosystem which merges lifestyle, passion, and user-generated income inside a single mobile application. Unlike on any other popular social media site, where 100% of the platform’s value and revenue goes to the corporate shareholders, APPICS enables all users to earn a fair share of the overall revenue, as well as a creative influence within the network, through a cryptocurrency reward-token.
If you want to join APPICS first you need steemit account for login and app only available for early joined user.

Honestly, it is not a social network, it like WhatsApp or Telegram where connect to each other and send them money.
Mixin Messenger is the first DApp on Mixin Network. It’s built with end-to-end encryption on the grounds of the signal protocol.
Aside from its messaging features, Mixin supports wallet and transfer features for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, sia, etc.


If you like tipping platform so this is for you
hivr is a Bitcoin Cash social wallet, secure messenger and tipping platform. Start earning Bitcoin Cash today by sharing awesome contents.


I don't have much information about the pivot, you can simply visit the site and see.

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