Match preview on New England Revolution and DC united

10 days ago

Hello my dear friends, so guys today I am going to write a match preview for prediction on DC United vs New England revolution. Hare probably the match will be played on 13th of July which is on Saturday. And I am going to write some points and some past history according to which I am going to decide which team is going to.

So let's talk about the head to head matches first for any match it is very important to look at the H2H matches. So in the previous session whenever DC United and New England revolution came in Battle against each other then DC United has won the 6 matches out of the eight matches played. So probably you can imagine the figures out and you can also think about the predictable team.

It is quite easy for us to breathe according to the head to head matches but we have to look at the player injuries as well as the key points of the team. And in this ground whenever the New England Revolution had played a match they had probably lost their last seven matches here.

maxresdefault (1).jpg
However, DC is still struggling to keep their form inconsistent but as per my prediction, I will say that home ground will give some of the advantages to the DC United. And most probably they are going to win today's match. However, in this tournament England is in good form but they are still lacking in some of the ways if we look at the past history.

Stay tuned guys for the Saturdays match it is going to be played in Washington and it is the team of USA Major League Soccer. Keep a bat on a draw a match-winner for DC United otherwise, you will probably lose the bad if you hundred percent depend on New England Revolution to win. If you take place some bets into the New England Revolution time it is OK to take some risk as it can give you more benefit.

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