[TEST] Serey.io Android Application Test and Comments [WOW]image/svg+xml

10 months ago

Wow! I didnt know that Sergey already has the Android app. Today I installed it and this is check that everything works. If you see this post, its okay! :)


Even the Image is uploading. Nice.

Here is the download link: Sergey in Google store.


Good luck with testing and write down if you find it useful! Let’s discuss it in comments :)

Den Ivanov aka @sxiii from Random city

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thank you for your good news😉 please enjoy with serey and share it to people around you na


Thanks @wondercury. I hope to call some of my english speaking friends to Serey soon!


yeah thank you @sxii :-)

Hello Den, yes I do see your post. It was released just recently. :D


@chhay86 thanks, nice!!

Hello, @sxiii, this is Daisysun. I am one of the co-founders of Serey, and am happy/proud to see you on our platform. Please, know that you are welcome and you're doing a great service to the Cambodian people by letting them get familiar with experiences/knowledge from outside the country. :)


Greetings @daisysun! Sorry for my delayed answer. Glad to know co-founder of Serey! I will continue to share my knowledge and ideas and I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts about making logo more international: https://serey.io/serey/@sxiii/serey-logo - thank you!