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I'm announcing that serey guard is now live and will be keeping a close eye on posts and users.

How to avoid flags from serey guard.

  1. No plagiarism is allowed on this platform and if you do use someone else's work please include the source link.

  2. Do not spam comment on other users or your own post. If I suspect any spamming, you will be flagged.

  3. Do not abuse or attack other users in anyway; everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  4. If I suspect self voting I will flag.

How to receive a vote from serey guard.

  1. Make original articles, copied and pasted articles will not receive any vote from serey guard.

  2. If you do use someone picture or someone quotes, please include the source link.

  3. Make sure your post is presentable.

  4. Include sereyguard as one of your tags, if you misuse this tag I will give you a friendly warning.

There will be a weekly report of quality writers and a weekly report of who is abusing the platform. Please do not abuse this platform in anyway, I won't take abuse lightly.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Please I wanna know, what is meant by copy and paste ?
I ask this because I mostly share posts of mine (written by me @paajohnny) from #whaleshares on #serey and state where the article is coming from in my post. Would I still be flagged or unvoted by sereyguard even though it is a great post?
Thanks very much.
I will be waiting to hear from you soon.


If you are the ownership of the post you will not be flagged but always put the source link in your post. You will also be eligible to receive a vote from serey-guard. Your latest post has been upvoted also, keep the good work up.


Thanks very much for the quick responds.
I am very happy you like my post. Thanks for the love and support.

That's great! Keep up the good work!
By the way, do you mean using sereyguard tag so that it could be easily discoverable and as a sign of original content?


Yes kinda, The tag is mainly to get my attention.

This is a good move. Serey must get better!

This post was upvoted by 28% as this is a announcement

It doesn't make sense that every post need to put sereyguard tag, it is just like a communist rule that every body must follow you, even the meaning of the post is not related to sereyguard.

You ask every body to put the sereyguard just to make grab your attention, do you think that this is not called using power to insult community member?

And by the way, your serey-guard position is not come from the public view, you are just an additional placement to the position.

Is there any way to put you down, when you miss use your power in the platform, if not it is not a platform where everybody have equal right and freedom of speech or action and just to follow what you demand to do.


The tag doesn't make user follow me, if you use other blockchain social media platform you might know this is standard to help new users. Also i do not reward users because they included the sereyguard tag it mainly for users who get very low rewards in their post and user who have quality post and doesn't get notice. I will write an updated article because it seems you want abit more answers and i am more then happy answer them