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Talking about bees is certainly not something foreign to humans because this one animal is very unique, everyone is afraid of this type of insect, why humans are so afraid of this one animal. But if you think why you should be afraid, the face of a bee is not as scary as we worry, its size is smaller than a human body. But being one of the questions for us, why are people afraid? The answer is very simple, which is feared by humans is a small sting that can irritate the skin and even poisons can make the body swell.


Indeed, if we see the wings are very small compared to other insect wings, but it turns out that this one insect has its own uniqueness in its body, including its flight speed and is very agile and fast, if we compare its wings. not too big, even the wings are smaller than his body, like we find every day. To find out the answer, let's look at the experts' exposure to the findings.


Based on findings learned in recent years focusing on the specific muscles used by bees to fly. The results are quite surprising. The bee apparently did not develop its own muscular mechanism, but rather improved the ancient mechanism of muscle contraction that was first used by the vertebrates themselves, so it is not impossible for them to fly as we mentioned above.

Likewise, the results of research conducted by the research of Hiroyuki Iwamoto and Naoto Yagi, published in the journal Science, explore more about the mystery. Two scientists from the Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute in Japan found that super-fast muscle contraction in bees was a result of actin protein activity and myosin. Both types of proteins help contract skeletal muscle in vertebrates found in bees. Differentiate ...? As we thought so far.


Then from another uniqueness it turns out that bees are a kind of insect that can harm humans if it is disturbed. Although known for its role in pollination and honey production, bees can be a threat to homeowners when they build nests near or inside the house. Bee sting is considered no more dangerous than wasp stings. In Indonesia, bees like honey bees and worker bees rarely sting unless they are disturbed. But there are aggressive species like African honeybees that will sting a large number of humans. So it's very lucky for your area that doesn't have this type of insect. In Indonesia this species is rarely found and what is often found is bees or wasps in general not the type of Wasp Africa.


Health experts say bee stings can potentially cause an allergic reaction, causing anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock is a serious medical condition that requires immediate medical help and can even cause death. So as said before bee stings or African Wasps are very dangerous for humans because they attack in large groups. Unlike the case with other wasps in general. which is not as aggressive as African wasps. That is what can be conveyed hopefully useful. Thank you very much.


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