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Hi friends, how are you tonight? In this post, I will share my experience about taking photo objects to make them look good. Let's look at the reviews!

To be honest, I am not a photographer who is very good at taking tricks in taking pictures so the results are so beautiful and charming that people who see our portraits are not boring.

Based on the photographer's explanation they said that, the photo looks good if it has 2 criteria, such as:


1. Technically good

As said before, the photo looks good and beautifully technically follows the theories of photography, such as fitting exposures, sufficient sharpness, correct white balance, and tool settings that are in accordance with the state of the object to be photographed.

2. Aesthetically good

The second thing is also said that good photos can be said aesthetically, and this is what makes the photo good in the field and will not be bored of people who see it. Can be because of its beauty, it can be because of its meaning, it can be because of personal relationships with objects that are in the photo or surrounding conditions that lead to the object photo.


Then in taking a picture one question arises, is the technique of taking pictures important? Yes ... I think this is really needed. Because all this time adds aesthetic value. Sometimes photos that are not sharp are good to see, maybe there are even beautiful photos precisely because they are not sharp, so the beauty value will decrease, so that people today see it quickly becoming bored. The point is that every object in a photo tries to take a picture with a certain technique, the point is that the results can make your image look sharp.

Then of course in taking pictures there are factors that influence whether the photo is nice to see? In my opinion, retrieval techniques, location and light greatly affect the quality of the images we will take. Then the most important thing is to try to take objects that are calm in taking.


Basically the image looks good because in the picture it contains perfect colors, the colors that are added add to the sharpness of the image or object in the image. If you see a photo then you say "the photo is very good" of course in the photo it has perfect color and as if the image is alive as in the real world. That is what I can say hopefully it will be useful for you. Thank you very much.

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