You are your luck Part-02

7 months ago

We have the responsibility to choose one of thousands of scheduled future

We have been given that freedom. Allah does not force us to choose this. Whatever we choose, the fault of our own is all our own. If Allah has made us choose, no trial will be required in the Hereafter. Our sins are dependent on what we choose. It will be judged on him.

If you want to build your own fortune then you can follow some steps. These steps have taken a lot of work in my own life, hopefully you will be benefited too

It is very necessary to acknowledge your mistake. You're a man, no machine that will do all the work perfectly. You can be wrong, and so do not deny them. Accepting your mistakes and keeping them in the future, you have to be careful about it.

You have to use the time. Periodicization is a very useful work in a successful human life. Suppose you do not do the time of the day, if you leave it. Then the new work will be added to the next task, and it will not be time to do the old work again. For this reason use the time properly!

Be self-reliant. Post-dependency is the biggest barrier to success. If you are dependent on someone, you will not be alone even if you succeed, and you will be doubtful whether you will be successful in the end. So try to be dependent on yourself.

Any time on the road to life, you will not be ashamed to seek advice when making any decision. Get advice from your extreme enemy, get advice from a very small person, so never will you ignore counsel. Keep in mind, do not give advice to anyone, so they need a lot to build a successful life.

Finding success is not an easy task. Thus, to give everything to the fate will be the final fool's identity! If you work with confidence in your own way, you will have luck, you will have to pay!

Will run

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