Why we see nightmares: some explanation

7 months ago

In the kingdom of dreams and nightmares

there are more mysteries than the truth. It is difficult to study which is a field of neuroscience and psychology. Because each of us has a unique dream world that is faithfully documented in our mind. It's a nightmare for us to see something different from it. There are some scientific explanations and research-related reasons behind this nightmare.

Have a tooth? Walking alone in the desert road? Sleeping sweat in sleep? The throat of drying the neck, the glass of the water is in the table on the edge of the head, but it is not getting much of it. This is a great difficulty! Suddenly the sleep broke! The opening of the eyelashes was unveiled and you discovered that nothing has happened to you so long! It was your nightmare!

Let's know, what could be the reason for some nightmares.

01.Night of the Night of the Storm

Have you ever seen the reflections of any storm, furious thunder, flashing electricity? You are trying to survive but can not?

Answer: The reflection of the ongoing life pressure and anxiety is such a nightmare. The events of any natural disaster come in the dream of storm in any inconvenient complexities that occur in your life. In this case, the nightmare can end with the end of your complexity. Do not forget to be a psychiatrist, but do not forget. Counseling is very important in this case.

02. The dead bodies come on

In the dream, have you seen close friends who have recently visited you? Or something immoral that you are chasing a lot? Or do you see yourself dead in a dream - what happened?

Answer: Seeing dead in a dream means that you are tired of emotional world, and seeing your own death means that there is a negative incident happening in your mental world. Generally, those who have reached the very last minute or whose life has reached a very critical time, they are mostly seen in such nightmares.

Will run.

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I have read from the first paragraph until the last but what I am interesting more is "Will run"😃😃😃


Thank you so much for reading my writing the second part will be posted tomorrow.