The real moment of life is a delightful story: part-02

7 months ago

Life is just as pleasant to everyone

If it was not pleasant then would people do so much to live? Of course life is colorful, and despite the grief, pain and frustration in life, every person works hard to survive. That's why life is beautiful for every person. Overcoming the boredom of everyday life differs slightly from the new taste. The youth religion is constantly presenting itself in a new style.

We work in unison due to routine work every day. We do not have the time to do the same work regularly, and we do not have any encouragement to that work. Very easily we become depressed. One of the reasons for obesity is boredom. If you are depressed, it is not possible to give full attention to work, study, creative work. As a result, we have failed in some cases in life. If this diversity is brought to the daily work, then the boredom will be cut. It can be possible to make life easy and pleasant even if it is possible to bring variety in different ways of spending time.

At the beginning of the year 2019 I have planned how to make the rest of my life happy, how can we build a beautiful human life and the world itself

Joy and trouble are both relative

Joy and trouble are all things reliably. Having fun with someone means looking at sunset sitting on the sea beach in Cox's Bazar, and after somebody's hard work earned money from the earning money, it is very fun to buy food for the mother! Just like the pain is relative. So do not be frustrated by the post or the picture of someone having fun in social media.

You take care of yourself, is that you are eating rice every day in the house, what are you doing in the social media? No But one day, if you want to eat in a good restaurant, you can give the picture right. Similarly, there is no reason to think that those who are looking for happiness in social media are always happy. There is both happiness and pain in everyone's life. Everyone in this world has to spend time in hardship. Maybe we do not see or feel the pain of others.

Self-satisfaction - the main source of happiness

Yes, self-satisfaction is one of the main values ​​of happiness. Be content with what you have. Maybe your friend bought an iPhone but you can not afford to buy your iPhone. You're upset because of that. But look around in your neighborhood, many people of your age are not far away from purchasing mobile, basic needs are not being fulfilled.

He might not be able to read like you are in good school and college. You can not spend the time you can not buy the story books and can not read. So be happy with what you've got. Always remember that many people are in worse condition than you are.

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