The real moment of life is a delightful story

7 months ago

A new year has passed

Have you ever thought that all these years have passed, all the years of our life was a happy or yearly year? Almost everyone will answer "no"! Someone will say, the year I was admitted to the dream school was the best year of my life. How damn friendly, school life is so delightful. Someone will say that the year I had a good result in SSC was the year that was the best year of my life.

So it turns out that after all these years

we remember very well about those two or three years in our lives. We still love those years and happy moments. That means, if a person lived an average of 60 to 70 years, he had a pleasant and memorable moment in his life, in all 10 years. But the rest of 60 years have lost their lives. In the rest of the 60 years, nothing significant happened in his life!

So how to sit today to write the year 2019 will keep your life happy and memorable? Not just 2019, we can make every moment of life happy. That's why we must live every moment of our life. Life is a very short period. If you are 20 now and if you live for 70 years, you have already passed a third of your life! Are you able to leave anything for this world, for society, for the country or for the people around you, in your third part of life?

At the beginning of the year 2019 I have planned how to make the rest of my life happy, how can we build a beautiful human life and the world itself

1. Learn to love yourself:

As long as you do not learn to love yourself, you will not be able to make your life enjoyable. If you love yourself, then you certainly will not do any work that will cause harm to you or hurt you in the next life. If you love yourself you will always be more careful about your health, education and life. Inspire yourself as well as self-confidence. So mountainous obstacles can not prevent you.

2. Value every moment of life:

At least we all get sick in life. Many times we or our loved ones have to be hospitalized. So all of a sudden we all went to the hospital. Have you ever been to cancer hospitals? You can see, many of you are fighting with cancer. They know you are old, they may not live long enough. There is no longer left in their lives! Every moment of life is much more valuable to them.

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