Just two things, the cancer will disappear!

7 months ago


Are there specific signs for cancer?

No, there is no specific signs of cancer. And like the five common diseases, fever, weakness, cough, loss of weight, staggering can occur. However, if they have been for a long time, they will have to see the doctor soon.

Osh State Medical University, Moscow, Russia's Cancer Specialist Dr. Gupta Prasad Reddy (BVV) said that cancer is not a mortality, but people die from this disease only due to indifference.

According to him, only two ways to follow will be cancerous. The ways are: -

1. First of all, leave all types of sugar or sugar to eat. Because, if you do not get sugar in the body, cancer cells will be destroyed or naturally

2. Then mix it with a lemon chip in a glass of hot water. Drink hot water mixed with this lemon in an empty stomach three months before the meal. Cancer will disappear

A study by the Maryland College of Medicine said that it is a thousand times better than chemotherapy.
  1. Eat three teaspoons of organic coconut oil every morning and night, the cancer will be removed.

After avoiding sugar, take one of the following two therapies. Cancer can not make you lose. But there is no excuse for negligence or indifference.

Note that, to make people aware about cancer Guptprasad has been promoting this information through social media for the last five years.

With that he requested everyone to share this information with the opportunity to get to know everyone.

He said, "I did my job. Now share your work by sharing it and protecting the people around you from cancer.


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