The beauty of Orchid Flowers

4 months ago

Hello all,,,,

On the occasion of this afternoon I would like to share some orchid photography that I photographed using my cellphone camera, I hope you guys like it.




Look at the Orchid flowers above ... so simple but beautiful ... * SubhanAllah

At that time he was from a small bud then blossomed, Beautifully riveting, distinctive smell like fragrant incense ... then not long afterwards he withered ... only leaves and stalks left, the presence of the flower was awaited again for the next season ...

This is life, none of which is everlasting Eternal ... like Orchid flowers that are blooming above ...

Someone came and someone left ...

There is a broken one, then it grows again ... * Is the saying time ... that one ... "Broken one grows a thousand" plants cocor duck times ... huahuahua ... seriously serious ...

Also anget is also an instant status Mess "why" aka "umi habib" friend "nggambas" mother child at work ... make a status that more or less describes nothing eternal in this world ... "Something definite is what we will be leave it. And we will only become Memories "

Thank you for all of you who have taken a moment to stop by my posts, I appreciate your voice support.

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