Information (Serai Cafe, Novus Giri Resort & Spa)

6 months ago

Hello all,,,,,
Well ... this time I want to display information about Serai Cafe, hopefully you are inspired.

Serai Cafe, Novus Giri Resort & Spa

(Photo: Doc.)

Another place that makes you feel at home, namely Serai Cafe, Novus Giri Resort & Spa. Decoration that blends with nature, plus Peak air that is so fresh it removes your fatigue. Cool air makes you feel peaceful.

Located on Jalan Sindanglaya Raya, Cianjur Regency, this restaurant serves typical Chinese cuisine. This place also holds a rabbit garden. Cool air tends to increase appetite. Not infrequently after finishing eating, then chatting, the feeling of wanting to chew appears again. Usually cakes or other dessert foods are always sought after as desserts.

In addition, the cool air tends to make visitors add coffee and tea orders. Every time you add an order, you don't feel the sugar intake that goes into your body also increases.

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Excellent post... 😱

Nyan kop brat bereh ka nah..

I like this coffee shop, it look so fresh


yes ... I also really like it ... the place is very cool