Information about the beauty of Situ Gede Bogor

6 months ago

Hello all,,,,
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Well ... on the occasion today I would like to inform you about Situ Gede Bogor, hopefully you are inspired.

Situ Gede Bogor

The Center for International Forestry Research at Situ Gede via Instagram / mbakyurisol

Sitting on the edge of the lake while enjoying the beautiful scenery does sound like an ordinary vacation. But, for Traveler Friends who are in need of tranquility, something like this feels enough. Agree? Well! If you want to get a calm atmosphere like that, Traveler Friends can come visit Situ Gede.

Soothe Sitting with a View of Situ Gede via Instagram / dea.kariza

This area is on the edge of the Dramaga Forest and is managed by the Forestry Research and Development, Ministry of Forestry. In addition to just sitting around, Friend Traveler can also paddle a small boat around the lake or fish here. Everything is equally fun to do.

Bogor nature tourism besides Puncak is no less impressive. It's equally beautiful and that can definitely keep Teman Traveler from jamming for hours. Interested in trying to visit the destinations above? Immediately, then!

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Nice view! It's calm and peaceful place