Informasi (Bajuin Waterfall in South Kalimantan)

6 months ago

Bajuin Waterfall is a Beautiful Tourist Attraction in South Kalimantan

Bajuin Waterfall in South Kalimantan

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This Bajuin Waterfall is located in Sungai Bakar Village, Pelaihari District, which is about 10 km from the Capital of Tanah Laut Regency and about 75 km from Banjarmasin. Bajuin Waterfall has a beautiful, exotic mountain panorama, and the air is still very cool because of the many trees. In this tourist area there are three waterfalls with different heights, because the nature is still beautiful and natural. Here there are also several species of birds and forest orchid plants, and carcass flowers. In this Bajuin Waterfall tourist attraction you can enjoy the natural beauty and cool atmosphere around this Bajuin Waterfall. You can also feel the clearness of this water directly, because there is no prohibition on that.

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