3 months ago

Hello, my best friend ... good afternoon ...

On the occasion of this sunny day I want to display pictures for the cacao that I harvest.


Chocolate fruit (cocoa) which is ready to be harvested will immediately be taken and processed to be used as the basis for making chocolate. Usually the chocolate produced is very varied, but the common ones are 2 types, namely dark chocolate and brown powder.

These two processed products from chocolate fruit are then analyzed again to produce a variety of processed - processed types that we find on the market today. The following are common types of chocolate preparations on the market:

Chocolate bars Chocolate candy Chocolate drinks Chocolate cakes

However, to consume processed chocolate types, such as sweets, cakes and chocolate bars, you must be careful because these processed products have a very high sugar content to cover up the bitter taste in the chocolate. This can be dangerous for your health, especially for those of you who suffer from diabetes and are also obese.

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