Neymar will play in any team Real or Barsa?

last month

The rumors of Neymar's sale have been going gold for a long time. Barcelona and Real Madrid are keen to buy Neymar. However, Neymar wants to sell at a very high price PSG. He wants a big amount of money including 3 players to Barcelona And with a player near Real, PSG wanted a lot of money. But it is heard that Neymar is not practicing in PSG. Not interested in playing for his PSG anymore. And that's why PSG decided to sell him. However, PSG has yet to say which player to sell to Neymar and who will crowd the team. They said that they want to sell Neymar. It is very expensive. If Neymar comes to Barsa again, Barsa fans will be very happy. Meanwhile, Real wants to take Neymar as he has no star player now. Real fans will be more than happy with Neymar if he can join the team. Let's see that Neymar plays in any team.


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