New Zealand beat India's dream in semis.

last month

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India lost to World Cup semi-finals New Zealand This game was held yesterday. But the game was stopped in Bristi. The game of tomorrow started from there. There was a run of 461 runs in 46.1 overs. From here on the start of the game in the 50 overs to 239 runs in 8 wickets. India can not manage to bat first. Rahul, Rohit and Kohli all went out with just 1, 1, 1. So the game is over. But both Dhoni and Jadeja play very well. India scored 221 runs in 49.4 overs and all of them were out. Jadeja scored 77 runs and Dhoni scored 50 runs. Henry took 3 wickets and Bolt took two wickets. New Zealand bowled out for 18 runs and India had to leave the field. India's first three wickets fell just 5 runs. This year the World Cup ended in India. The first team in New Zealand went to the final of the World Cup. The next semifinal will be played tomorrow, Australia vs England. Let's see another team playing with New Zealand in the final.


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