Indian viewers claimed Dhoni's ball was no ball.

last month

Indian fans can not accept the World Cup semi-final. Indian fans are now spreading rumors that as Dhoni was out of the way, there were 6 players out of the New Zealand player's circle.


According to the rules, there were 5 people to be the players. If there were 5 people, Dhoni would not have run out. And if the run out was not Dhoni, then India would have won. Because Dhoni has won many such games. Indian fans say if no ball was there then Dhoni would not have scored two runs. And the next ball was a free hit. And hopefully a boundary is a free hit. But Indian fans can not just hope to leave this hope.


Because Dhoni has won a lot of such games. But the Indian fans have a false claim because at that time there were 5 players in the circle. If it were not there then why are you getting so much at the end of the game? While playing the game, I do not say anything like Kohli or the unique player.


If this was true then it would have been caught during the game that it would not have been caught if the game was over. Anyway, the 14th finals. The World Cup will take place again with the new team. New Zealand or England have not won any World Cup till now. Anyone else will get them.

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