Everyone must be aware of society?

last month

The social status of our country is going down to deterioration day by day. Our society is going to give bad things the way it is going. Recently, in our society, people have been addicted, killed and raped. Our youth society has been in danger for this addiction. And this addiction is increasing for the ananya criminal activities of the society.


Murder or rape are also increasing in society for this addiction. Now there are some people in our society who have trouble with people. And if someone binds them in this work, they are beaten up and even threatened or killed them. If we see the death of Rifat, then what is the condition of the young people seeing us? The worst case has happened since the murder of Rifat. If a child is raped and raped in a 6 year. I live in any society. That is such a big sin. In our society these works will increase even more.


Because, in a society where a lawyer can be found for the rapist, do not underestimate the work in that society. The lawyer is away from this job. Our society should be cautious of all the conscious people of society to stay away from these sins or wrongful actions. In our society, perhaps it will lead to worse. The real thing is in the law in our country. But judiciary may not be independent. If that were so, they would have been punished. And if others do not do it, they will not be encouraged to do so. Our government should not take anything paradoxically.


The judiciary should give freedom. So that these things do not happen again. I want a nice life. Along with the government, people must be aware of society. It is impossible to solve this task alone by the people of Shudu society or just by the government alone. Everyone needs to take part. Let's all work together to solve these problems together. So we all will be good together.

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