England vs New Zealand match review.

last month

At the beginning of the 2019 Cricket World Cup final game. England vs New Zealand will be finals this time. Again the World Cup will be held in the hands of newers. Some think the newers mean? If England and New Zealand are new, then no old team. Actually there is a little difference between these newcomers.


The difference is that no team of these two parties got the World Cup. New Zealand played the final twice, New Zealand is playing the final twice. The final will be played for the first time in 2015 and once again in the World Cup, the final will be played. And England played the final four times. But the forehead is bad so once the cup was not found. That's why I will be in the cup to the newcomers.


Let's not see how many teams have won in this World Cup. New Zealand won 5 of the nine matches and England won 4.

Let's see how many teams have won in the whole World Cup. Total game is 7. Among them England has won 3 and New Zealand has won 4 games. From this point it can be said that the difference is not too much. But New Zealand is a little ahead. Once they have won more. But again England may want to come to the United States. I mean, he wants to win. But to play this time I think England will get a little more advantage. Like playing them on the field. It's just normal to play it well.


Tomorrow we can see which team gets a cup.

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