Bangladesh will play for the first time at the World Cup in the main event

last month

This is the first time Bangladesh Football Team will participate in the main event of the World Cup. Playing in the World Cup is not the real thing nor is it useless. Until now, once again playing a key part of the game did not play again, that means football has improved somewhat in Bangladesh. We can hope that they can participate in the World Cup matches too.


Good luck for the Bangladesh Football team.

In yesterday's post I asked 2 questions. Where is the match between the 2018 World Cup winning team and the 2019 Cricket World Cup winning team?
Answer: There are more than one player in the gang.
For example, France has grisman, mbappe and many people are residents of this group. And in England there are many people, including Morgan, Archer.
The second question was between the 2022 football World Cup and the match between the 2023 Cricket World Cup.
Answer: Two World Cups will be held in Asia on the continent.

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