After the semifinal defeat, vandalism of Indian players vandalized.

2 months ago

Yesterday was lost to India. The people of the world are happy then They were very proud, cricket fans and cricket experts thought. Cricket experts believe that due to their becoming more self-sufficient, Indian players have to look at their rate.


They do not think they are 239 runs. Because all the players of the Indian team are playing very well now. They do not bind them with less than 300 runs. But first to go after the wickets they have to face their face. Indian cricket fans are not able to accept this defeat.


So the Indian players have vandalized the house. Indian big players can not accept this bone too. But the Cricket Mahal is saying, "If India loses the ICC, and if it loses its defeat, then the whole world will win, because some of their actions are bad for another team, they can not accept the defeat easily, so they do the best to use with others. Anyway, India has lost all the world, I have won, you won, all we won.


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