2007 was the best World Cup in Bangladesh.

last month

Bangladeshi cricket is improving day by day, which is why Bangladesh could not defeat the team earlier. The first World Cup game in Bangladesh has started since 1999. Now all the teams can lose less. Now there is a lot of good players in the Bangladesh team. Well, everyone plays very well. But one of the previous 11 people or two played well.


Bangladesh has played the World Cup, all the World Cups are reviewed well, it can be seen that the 2007 World Cup is playing well or Bangladesh Now there are 7 in the Bangladesh ranking. But then at number 10. South Africa and India lose the number 10 ranking They have lost 6 Super 6.


Then it was like a fantasy. But then did this work. And now they go away from the first leg of the Bangladesh semifinals. Bangladesh number 8 in this World Cup. Bangladesh win 3 games. South Africa, the West Indies and Afghanistan are able to lose. But the West Indies and Afghanistan ranging out of Bangladesh. South Africa is ahead in the ranking from Bangladesh. Again, if we were discussed again between 019 and 2007 then we would understand what was the best World Cup for Bangladesh.


Bangladesh won the one in the World Cup with a team ahead of them. And three games won in total. And in 2007, it won 3. But they won with two teams ahead of ranks from Bangladesh. In 2007, all the world's best players were in India. And Africa was a very good player. In this situation, Bangladesh But now Bangladesh is the best player. Now Bangladesh is not able to play very well. I think the 2007 World Cup is the best game.

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