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Well for the past few weeks I have noticed alot of abuse and I had no choice but to report majority of these abuse to the Serey team to protect the future of this platform. Since the last few abuse I have reported and asked to delegate some serey power to my account to combat these abusers and this isn't possible at this time. So they have decided to make a curator account for me to reward users for their work and to flag abusive actions. I will have no control over the funds on the curator account, so I will only be able to reward users and flag abusive behaviour. I will only have the posting key.


Yes, there is a official discord server by the serey team where users can report abuse.
Users who abuse the platform will receive a flag from serey guard and a comment stating why their post was flagged, if that person doesn't change their ways and receives 3 flags within one month they will be added to the blacklist. If you end up on the blacklist all your future post will be flagged until you have proved you are sorry and you will need to create an apology post on your account to apologise to the whole serey community. SEREY GUARD WILL NOT ALLOW ANY TYPE OF ABUSE ON THIS PLATFORM.


Serey guard is not just about punishing users, Serey guard is also about rewarding users for their quality posts. Serey guard is also about making a brilliant community and help users to get noticed for their hard work. We as a community need to make this place plagiarism and spam free.


The Serey team has told me that they are making an official discord channel and Serey guard will be working within the official discord server.

Looking forward to rewarding quality posts

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Hi @liaminit!
I'm looking for Official Serey Discord server. Please let us know when the Official Discord Server will be created. We can chat and keep in touch with other people on Serey easily in Discord server.

Yes, it is very important to reward quality content. It will inspire them to put more effort to make good content. And when people see quality content is rewarded and recognized on Serey, more people will join and share their content.


Thanks, i think the serey team will announce the official discord channel and i also will be doing weekly report about quality blogs and writers. This will also get good quality users to get notice. There will also be weekly reports about abusers and who is on the blacklist.

Thank you so much for writting this.

Hello sereyian, I also want to work on Serey, as the cheetah works on steemit site.. which has been authorized for this work, and why would allow me?
I'm a Cheetah manually informative who can comment on your post. If I do, then I will claim that I have found such content elsewhere on the web. This is because you copy and paste some form of content whether it's your own or not. This is not an allegation of wrongdoing, but there is only one informative comment for the reader.


Hi there cheetah, i don't really know what you are trying to say, all my contents are my own work (apart from airdrops what i promote but i do write all them in my own word). I dont know if you accusing me of something but please clarify this if you are. Also I'm not working for serey in any form, I basically volunteered to be a curator because I have notice alot of abuse on the platform and it seems like no one was going to report them, so it was left to me to report all these problems to the team and i have reported alot!!!. Also I do copy and paste my contests but that is my own work. I also would imagine serey will allow more users to be curator in the near future but i can not promise this and users would obviously need to earn trust from the team. I have also notice that you made a post with the exact words as your comment so i am really confused if this comment is about me or a promotion to the serey team.


No need for this
We can all work together


We are all working together this is the point, i have notice good writers who doesn't get hardly no rewards compared to certain users who just post a picture and get a large amount of reward. So this is where i come in, to reward users that actually deserve the rewards.

Well, I support your post

This is a welcome development. Let's make serey a better place!