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5 months ago

We have recently, on March 9th, released an update of the blockchain that puts the inflation rate at 0.75%. As the reward pool still contains many Serey from before the update, the effect is still quite modest. However, expect the rewards to go down in the near future.
The reason we did this is to protect the price of Serey coins by limiting the supply of new coins. Please note that this is part of a larger update to our main chain that will remove all hard forks we have inherited from Steemit including functionalities like SBD that we find unnecessarily complicated for our users.
Self-voting comments
With the update, people were able to self-vote their own comments again. We have released a new update that disables it as we want to prevent people from spamming the blockchain with short comments that they upvote.

Serey Quora
We have made good progress with our development of an application that in its current development goes by the name Serey Quora. We hold a competition in the near future among the community to think of a suitable name for the application. The prize will be a sum of Serey coins. You can find a screenshot of it here: serey quora .jpg

Serey Market Place
The Serey market place is still under development.

Serey Lottery
As the development of Serey Quora is going very strong, we have also worked on some technical requirements regarding a Serey Lottery application that we would the Quora team to work on once Quora is released.

Serey Exchange
The Serey Exchange ( has been functioning well for many months now. What is missing, and I know that many of you are waiting for it, is the Serey asset on the exchange. As mentioned before, we’ll continue this integration once the main chain is fully updated. Our priority is updating the main chain first.
In order to understand why this has been taking longer than we’ve initially expected, I’d like to give you some insights in our developers. When we started, we had two lead developers – one front-end and one back-end – of which the back-end developer is highly proficient in C++ and the Steem blockchain. After starting off Serey, he did some side projects like developing the blockchain for Whaleshares and Smoke. He is a valuable member of our team. However, we also realize that we cannot depend only on one C++ blockchain developer. Hence we hired three more developers that were involved in a blockchain project here in Cambodia. However, as these developers are more familiar with other blockchain technologies – not Graphene – they are learning from the first lead developer how the Serey blockchain works. As the best way to learn about the Serey blockchain is getting involved and performing the main chain update, they are performing this task under the guidance of the first lead developer. This takes some time, but we believe it is an important trade-off to produce good Serey blockchain developers on the long run. Therefore, we feel it would be a mistake if we rush off the main chain update and let it be done solely by the first lead developer.
We believe this is the right choice for the long-term. Once the main chain update is done, we can go ahead with listing Serey on the Serey Exchange. Although I expect this can be done sooner, please keep Q3 of this year in mind as we give more priority to the release of (a) the Serey Market Place, (b) Serey Quora, and (c) the new web design.

I will work on a roadmap so that our community knows what to expect when for the rest of the year.

To give you some perspective of how many people are working for Serey: at this moment we have a core team of 8 people working very hard on Serey. In addition, we have an outsourced developer’s team of 4 working on Serey Quora and an outsourced developer’s team of 4 working on the Serey Market Place and the new web design.
One of our team members, Pen Voneat, is by the way shortlisted for the Cambodian Women in Tech Award 2019. Check out this video of her:

Discord Witness Channel
We have received some questions regarding the set up of witnesses. We will therefore create a channel for witnesses, moderated by our developer that had written the documentation on how to run a full node.

Last note from our developers
The Serey team is informed with what is happening within the community. The developers are asking the community for their patience as we are working to make Serey bloom. It’s quiet annoying for the developers to read provocative and negative messages as this:
Such posts do more harm than good. We encourage people to ask questions, however, being unnecessarily provocative towards developers are not good for anyone.

We believe that our users are in the fortunate position to be the early adopter of Serey as many beautiful things are coming our way. We are progressive and working to create products on the blockchain that are not built yet on Graphene. As said before, have patience. If you don’t have the patience, please continue writing on other platforms and come back once we are in full swing while missing out the great progress in the making

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Reading this post, I got a feeling that it will take Serey to the next level. You guys are really working hard. Thank you so much for providing update information.

We are with you.
Best of luck!

I think all of my questions have got their answers here. This is a very great post that much can be learnt from. Thanks very @jokerswild for bringing to us this update.

Really I am personally very happy to read your explanation in the post. I think you and the team are very smart in making a decision, so the decision you make is very beneficial to the value of serey and also very useful for its users. I personally feel motivated in writing on this platform, meaning that will be more advanced and smarter in the future. Thank you very much for the information that you have conveyed. We like here very much, hopefully this mission will run smoothly.

That's wonderful news! I wish the whole team success in their work and fulfillment of all goals and objectives!

wonderful news, soon our community will be big and sustainable.