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In accordance with the explanation from the previous post that sunlight is needed by creatures that live in this world. But on this occasion I will explore some explanations about sunlight when at certain times. We cannot deny that there are differences between certain times such as morning, afternoon and night. The difference in daily temperature in the morning, afternoon and evening is caused by two main factors, namely the thickness of the atmosphere that must be crossed by the sun before reaching the surface, and the difference in beam density due to differences in the angle of arrival of sunlight itself.


We still remember that in the subject "Natural Sciences" (IPA), explained at length and can be concluded that, the atmosphere has a thickness that is practically the same. During the morning and evening, because the direction of the sun's direction is tilted, the sun's rays need to cross the atmosphere that is thicker than during the day. The thicker the atmosphere is traversed, the more energy from the Sun is absorbed by the atmosphere, and the less energy reaches the surface. As a result, in the morning and evening, we receive less energy from the Sun than during the day. Thus we know that, why in the afternoon the air temperature is hotter compared to morning and evening.


Therefore, the temperature or pressure at certain times changes. Return to the explanation above that in addition, because the direction of the sun is tilted in the morning and evening, the same amount of sunlight will spread in more areas. wide in this universe. While during the day, the same sunlight will be concentrated in a smaller area. As a result, daylight is hotter than morning or night. And we all experience that. Temperature changes are limited by thick and thin atmospheres. Then the effect changes.


Then it is clear natural events or it can be said that natural phenomena about the sun during the day are hotter than in the morning and evening. It turned out that when it was concluded in the morning and evening the thickness in the atmosphere was very thick. So that sunlight is degraded by the thickness of the atmosphere while in the daytime the temperature gets hot during the day because the atmosphere becomes thin so that light shines more freely on earth. Such is the description of temperature changes in this world. It might be useful for all of us. Thank you very much.

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