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Talking about beetles is certainly very cool because there is a uniqueness in each beetle itself. In general, beetles are one type of insect known as plant pests. However, not all plants are detrimental because behind the losses there are benefits themselves, such as their presence in plants. One of them is beneficial for larger plants to help the process of pollinating plants. Then the Beetle itself has species that are very diverse both in terms of shape and color.


Every time you find a type of insect such as a beetle it certainly has a unique body shape and has the ability to fly like the types of insects found in this post and others. The following will explain some of the uniqueness or benefits that can add to your insight.

1. Beetles have very many species

Wherever you are, of course you will find these animals both in your country and in our country. Beetles can be found in all regions of the world except in the polar regions and in the sea. Experts say that the average number of species in the world is estimated at 350,000 species. In our country there are several types of beetles that can be found in gardens or forest areas. This unique beetle can also survive in fresh water but cannot live in salt water.

2. Survival system

Every creature certainly has its own technique to survive in this world, whether these creatures live on land or in the ocean. One of the uniqueness of beetles can be seen from the physical who has hard wings. This wing is used to fly and protect body parts from enemy attacks. In addition, some types of beetles also protect themselves from enemy attacks by tricking them. Their technique to deceive the enemy must appear dead, so the enemy will leave them and if the predator also wants to devour him, he will emit a foul odor on his feet.


3. Body size

As mentioned above, they also have a very small body size besides having a large number. Their body size varies from large to small. But the size of a simple beetle is from 0.25 mm to the largest reaching up to 20 cm long. But the biggest is 3 cm in size.

4. Useful for certain plants

Then another unique type of insect or beetle is also in its function. Although it is considered as an animal that destroys plants, but beetles can be useful in the process of pollinating plants and can be used as food ingredients for composting beetles that are still in the form of larvae. protein and nutrients needed by the body. Like people who live in the interior of forests or tribes in the interior, they often consume beetle larvae.


5. Different body color

Experts say there are unique characteristics of beetles in the transit cycle. The beetles develop complete metamorphosis starting from the egg, into larvae, larvae become pupae and eventually develop into adult beetles. Before becoming adults, beetles spend several cycles beforehand. Even during the cycle process, beetles that lay eggs on sago trees will form larvae commonly known as sago caterpillars. These sago trees live in sago trees and are usually taken for consumption by surrounding communities in the area. Like the ones mentioned above.


6. The way they eat

Although the mouth is considered very small, but the speed they eat is very sharp and fast, but their way of eating is very unique. Unique beetles are also found in one type of beetle, koksi beetles or commonly called ladybugs. the lower jaw to hold the prey then pierce its prey with a special tube in the mouth. At the time of the injection, the beetle enters digestive enzymes into the body of its prey to extract tissue fluid from the body of its prey. So that slowly the prey will die slowly and the contents of the victim's body can be in the liquid with the poison that is on them then they suck the victim's body slowly.

That's the uniqueness found in beetles. And there are still many other uniqueness that they have but will be mentioned in the next post. Finally I thank you for being willing to visit my blog.

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